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Inditex continues to implement its garment-tracking system
with Bluebird handheld RFID device solution

RFR900 RFID readers and EF400 touch mobile computers with Android 5.x(Lollipop)


Compared to the six-month industry average, SPA retailers spend a very short time developing new products and placing them in stores. They launch around 12,000 new designs each year.

If a design has not sold well within the first week, it is withdrawn from shops. Every item has to be finished within a few weeks whether it goes further or not. Moreover, today’s customers who is familiar with smartphones expect a more pleasant shopping experience and more benefits from mobile brand apps.

On the same note, the Spanish SPA retail giant Inditex is so sensitive about inventory management and customer engagement. Inditex keenly realized that they needed to catch up with the fast circulation to stay globally competitive, and help Zara propel technical investment with regards to business transformation across the board. Furthermore, as a cheap-chic fashion leader, Zara had to factor in the sleek look of the mobile computers for customer engagement in stores.


Bluebird had undergone many field tests with several different mobile devices in the workplace of ZARA, Spain for a long time. Several tests with RFR900 and EF400 showed remarkable capacity. These results demonstrate convincingly that Bluebird mobile devices are more effective and more competitive than other competitors’ models.


As a result, they made the decision to achieve a faster and more accurate store execution with Bluebird for the differentiated future plan. The Inditex continues to roll out RFID-supported inventory monitoring systems across its Zara stores worldwide. By 2016, Inditex aims to deploy powerful mobile devices including RFID readers across all Zara stores.


Before mass deployment, they were looking for a lighter and compact yet faster and more powerful mobile device. These mobile computers should also deliver an advanced and trendy look and feel by directly showing information to store visitors. Bluebird presented the latest RFID solution which consisted of RFR900, RFID readers, and EF400, touch mobile computers. Inditex Zara was fully satisfied with the Bluebird RFID device solution. They recognized that Bluebird RFID solutions made a good show like stylish smartphones and met many business requirements for durability and performance. They also noted that Bluebird products were much lighter, compact, durable, and easy to use and won prestigious global design awards such as Red Dot, IDEA and IF.


In addition to these features, from the initialization phase to their maximum working capacity, Bluebird delivers all the way for enterprise class customization through dedicated OS support, business application support, TMS, MDM, etc.


The SPA fashion industry is so fast and trendy. In order to catch the fast turnover, Inditex has made the technical leap as a strong bridge to the future. Alongside the wonderful features of Bluebird RFID readers and mobile devices with the latest Android Lollipop, Inditex has achieved several tangible results. In terms of inventory management, associates automatically receive garment intake with agility to backroom, clarity helps associates accurately count the inventory and also locate and replenish the stock on the sales floor.


On the sales floor; associates help customers find what they are looking for in the store or in close by stores. They also enable a fast and accurate point of sales process, providing more benefits and more helpful information. Inditex has reached the most productive inventory control, agile in-store replenishment, higher customer satisfaction and more. They have demonstrated the drastic implementation with Bluebird, which is a representative standard of RFID technology in SPA fashion industry. Inditex is also planning to implement it across the rest of its brands thereafter.

"We were in need of upgrading our mobile computer devices in order to strongly lead our fast-paced business. Then BLUEBIRD fulfilled Inditex’s technical vision especially in terms of RFID systems with more proactive manner of team work and innovative solutions. That’s how we’ve achieved the remarkable improvement of accuracy and agility through the BLUEBIRD RFR900 and EF400."

- Javier Dominguez Blanco, Mobility Director of Inditex