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New Opportunity, Another Leap


Bluebird is an enterprise IoT total solution provider, offering consulting and customized solutions for enterprise IoT infrastructure.
Bluebird’s technology leadership, selected by more than 3,000 customers from 120 countries, is a core competitiveness in the global market.
In rapidly changing business environments, Bluebird is creating new opportunities with leading innovations and trends in technology,
products, services through its continuous research and development.

Bluebird’s business through technological innovations

Bluebird provides enterprise mobile, various types of RFID reader solutions,
AI-based IoT RFID platform and consulting services as one-stop services.
Bluebird’s broad product portfolio connects to data you need anytime and anywhere,
supporting customers’ business value to be maximized by improving productivity and efficiency.

The Way We Work

Our products are designed by industry experts and have been thoroughly
tested in real-life scenarios to ensure maximum reliability and performance.

  • Documentation

    Business Analysis

    Capture Client Requests
    - Functional
    - Technical
    - Architecture
    - User profiles
    - Security
    - Usability

  • Communication

    Project Management

    Timeline management
    3rd party relationships
    Address issues
    Manage scope

  • Integration

    Development Arch

    Development Arch
    Device integration
    Legacy integration
    Arch team support
    Tooling framework Selection

  • Testing

    Live Field Testing

    Back-End Integration
    Performance Testing
    User Group Testing
    Monitoring and Feedback Collection

Our Value

  • Value enablers

    We fulfill our customer's core values.

  • Proactive technology leaders

    Bluebird develops leading edge technologies and
    quickly adapts to changing market requirements

  • Craftsmanship

    We take pride in creating products
    that exceed our customer's expectations.

This is why you choose us.

  • " Leroy Merlin expressed a high level of satisfaction with the outstanding performance
    and compact design of the EF500. We’ve established a partnership with Bluebird
    for more than 10 years and the company is undoubtedly a trustworthy manufacturer. "
    - Laurent Mace, Sales Director of Acces Diffusion Group
  • " Among many difficulties to deploy the Tablet POS for the first time as a major retailer, Bluebird was the only manufacturer who could meet the design concept, tight schedule, and budget that Shinsegae required, and it made it possible for Shinsegae Department Store to deploy the Tablet POS successfully.
    - Jinwoo Yang, Customer Experience Manager of Shinsegae Department Store
  • " The BP30 is one of the most reliable devices we have supported. We have received only one DOA report out of the 5,000 units deployed in support of a Tier 1 Department Store in the US. " - Ross Homans, Operations Vice President, Stratix Corporation
  • " Bluebird dedicated a lot of resources to make sure all the components worked perfectly,
    including resolving the connectivity problems we previously had with the Wi-Fi networks in the stores. "
    - Shinji Nishikawa, CIO of Trial Japan