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Business Ethics

Bluebird is committed to principles of business
ethics and lawful conduct.

On the basis of Bluebird way which stands for Transparency, Expertise and Devotion, our Code of Business Ethics expresses the
high standard of integrity that we require from our employees in conducting the Company’s business.

Employees must at all times comply with Bluebird's Code of Business Ethics and related
guidelines. Conducting business with responsibility is critical to the continuing development of a
business that is successful and sustainable in the long term.

  • Management Philosophy
  • Code of Ethics
  • Ethical Rules

If you know of or suspect any unlawful or unethical situation, or know of or suspect a violation of any provision of our Code of Business Ethics,
you may report your concern by using Bluebird Ethics Line. Your report can be anonymous, and all such reports will be treated in a confidential
manner. By reporting misconduct, you help contribute to the ethical culture at Bluebird.

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Code of Ethics

We, Bluebird, intends to be trusted corporate through fair and transparent
management and active participation in the practice of the Code of Ethics.

1. We must retain our dignity as Bluebird employees and make efforts to maintain the company's reputation.
2. We must contribute to the improvement of the rights and interests of our customers and to the development of regional communities.
3. We must protect the confidentiality acquired in relation to businesses for individual interests or other purposes and preserve fairness and trust throughout all business relations.
4. We must be devoted to establishing a fair and transparent culture based on high ethical values and expertise through self-development and active learning.
5. We must not become engaged in activities in which there are conflicts of interests between the company and individual, and make efforts to achieve mutual trust.
6. We must try to contribute to regional communities and human society through responsible corporate activities.
7. We must make every effort to realize the above Code of Ethics, establish separate Ethical Rules, and make public announcements.
  1. 01
    Basic obligation
    • We intend to be a company that is trusted and respected based on ethical and principle-based management.
    • We will continue to grow together with all stakeholders including customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees by strengthening our competitiveness and establishing an ethical culture.
  2. 02
    • The most important thing we can do for our customers is to offer products and services that are consistently superior.
    • We respect our customers, and we are always trustful in every detail.
    • We always try to think in terms of customers and listen to our customers' voices.
    • We don’t use the information acquired in relation to businesses for other purposes without customer approval.
  3. 03
    • We try to achieve fair profit with transparent decision-making and efficient management activities.
    • We increase corporate value through continuous management innovation and growth strategies.
    • We respect the rights and investment returns of our shareholders and investors and provide the necessary information on time.
    • We comply with relevant laws and accounting principles for the preparation and reporting of accounting data.
  4. 04
    Suppliers, associates and other partners
    • We seek mutual prosperity with our partners through mutual trust and respect.
    • All businesses shall be transparent and fair, and shall not take unfair trade, such as unreasonable demands, by using superior position.
    • We apply fair and reasonable standards and give equal opportunity to qualified partners.
  5. 05
    • We encourage self-realization by respecting individual creativity and providing opportunities for fair competition.
    • We must not irrationally discriminate against other employees based on academic background, local origin, gender, age and religion.
    • We must respect the dignity and diversity of each individual.
    • Our personnel management comply with "reward system and top-down management" principles.
    • We will not tolerate any retaliatory action by its employees against any individual for reporting of ethics violations, illegal conduct, other forms of unlawful harassment, unlawful discrimination, inappropriate workplace behavior, or other serious issues.
  6. 06
    Our commitment
    • We must retain our dignity as Bluebird employees and make efforts to maintain the company's reputation with high standard of integrity.
    • Employees shall have mutual respect and healthy fellowship, and shall not offer or receive money, entertainment, or solicitation.
    • Employees should not engage in improper conduct such as false reporting or lying.
    • Employees have an obligation to comply with the Code of Ethics, laws and regulations, and have an obligation to report any unethical coducts or witnesses.
    • All information acquired during the term of the company shall be protected in accordance with the security management regulations and shall be kept confidential even after leaving the company.
    • We must constantly strive to establish the right values and acquire knowledge-based expertise in accordance with the era of internationalization and openness.
  7. 07
    Our responsibility to society
    • As a corporate citizen, we respect national policies and regulations and fulfill our social responsibilities.
    • We respect the tradition and culture of the community and try to co-prosper and develop with the local community.
    • We comply with generally accepted international laws, local regulations and accounting standards approved in relation to human rights, environment, culture and economy.