September 29, 2011

Bluebird Launched the World’s First Android Handheld Lineup.

Press Release September 29, 2011

Bluebird Soft is delighted to announce the launch of world’s first and groundbreaking Android handheld lineup to broaden the choices of customers and partners.

Bluebird Soft Inc. (Bluebird), a global provider of handheld mobiles, announced the extension of its product range with Android handheld lineup. This new lineup is a groundbreaking solution for enterprise clients who consider migration to Android devices sooner or later for their advanced professional service.

As a market-leading concept maker, Bluebird has continued to develop new products quickly to respond to changing business needs. Bluebird has newly added Android handheld lineup with BM-170 enterprise handheld PDA (semi-rugged Smartphone) and BIP-6000Max rugged handheld computer to meet the expanding Android needs from web-based application users of professional service in field mobility market.


[Pidion® Android Handheld]

Bluebird’s Android handheld lineup provides a flexible and cost-efficient solution for enterprise clients. Once enterprises develop or purchase an Android application for their business, they will be able to use the same application in both Smartphones and rugged handheld computers. Thanks to supporting both Windows and Android operating systems, now enterprises will have more choices of hardware platform as per their business needs. Enterprises that plan to use Android application for near-future will have a benefit from the easy migration from conventional OS to Android.

Jangwon Lee, CEO of Bluebird said "The launch of our Android handheld lineup is one example of how we respond for our customers and partners quickly." He added “This Android handheld lineup is not just an outcome of market-leading development in the enterprise market, but is our continuous devotion to listening and gathering voice of customers and partners and responding to them fast. Since the request of Android-running devices from Pidion® users in field mobility market has been increased, we decided to add Android handheld lineup into our product range. We, Bluebird, believe our flexible and leading business action is why our clients choose to stay with us.” 

From October 4th to 5th, Bluebird will showcase Pidion® Android Handheld line and unveil HM50 handheld mobile computer at BlueStar’s VARTECH Europe in Berlin on stand 202.

About Bluebird Soft 
Bluebird Soft Inc. (Bluebird), founded in 1995, is a global provider of handheld mobiles including enterprise and industrial handheld mobile computers, printer-integrated mobile computers, handheld scanners, RFID handhelds, and Android handhelds. As Bluebird is the exclusive company which has been manufacturing handheld mobiles from AIDC to payment, company has successfully adapt to the emerging market trends with a broad range of products with flexible and prompt responding under the brand name of Pidion®. With creative ideas inspired by customers and partners, and masterful technical know-hows of its own, Bluebird plans to extend product range and expand market coverage continuously. Bluebird HQ and its manufacturing facility are based in Seoul, South Korea and it operates offices in USA and China to best serve its global partners.    

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Eunbi Kim