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January 23, 2015

Bluebird to seize the US retail market

Bluebird showcased its latest mobile solutions at NRF 2015, among which has been implemented by one of the largest retailer in the US.
Enterprise mobile device manufacturer Bluebird Inc. has accelerated to embark to the US retail market.


From January 11th until 13th, Bluebird has participated in one of the world's largest retail exhibition NRF 2015 held in New York City, exhibiting the specialized Automatic Identification devices, Payment Terminals, and the Industrialized Tablets. Being the only company to present all possible industrial terminal product line and offer customized solutions for optimized retail markets, visitors and industry experts were favorably commenting great success in the show case.

[Bluebird booth at the NRF 2015]


Bluebird participated in the NRF for eight years in a row to show and let visitors experience a new retail trend from the full range of Bluebird product line ups in the ‘Bluebird Zone’ where international visitor could experience various applications and solutions, see the different Bluebird products and also experience the different solutions provided from Bluebird Partners all around the world.

The ‘Retail Experience Zone’ let visitors to experience the same environment as a real golf shop, allowing visitors to know and understand the new retail Omni-Channel and Beacon technology. Bluebird has demonstrated a variety of product lines including the ET100: the new industrial tablet, BM180 and BP30: the world's first handheld to equip Microsoft’s next-generation industrial OS Windows Embedded Handheld 8.1, EP360: mobile PIN Pad which can interlock pin via a Bluetooth and enabled mobile communication and the mobile payment terminal MT760 series.

The ‘Solution zone’ is activated through a joint promotion with America’s major solutions partners, promoting sales management, mobile payment, store and warehouse management and logistics management, optimizing a solution for all scenarios that occur in the Retail Market.

Bluebird has successfully secured a large US department store customer recently. It’s extraordinary achievement has received full attention from the world retail market as Bluebird has proven the products in the most competitive US market battleground, being the most largest market for industrial devices. In addition, Bluebird has made a revenue growth of 30% compared to the previous year in a variety of industries distributors from all over the world, as well as financial, medical, logistics, transportation, manufacturing, etc.

Lee Jang-won, the CEO of Bluebird mentioned, "Based on the experience and know-how to be the first to supply world’s first mobile POS terminals in major Korean department stores since 2003, Bluebird has been steadily targeting the North American market which is known to be the heart of the our market today. The recent triumph of entering to the largest department stores in North America has been possible through customer-oriented products and specialized services through a competitive brand image. By creating a brand new value through total solutions, North America will become the door step in reaching out to the rest of the world’s retail market.”

Bluebird is the first ever company in the world to manufacture and offer three kinds of product line up from Barcode and RFID reader devices, printer equipped payment terminals, and industrial tablets.

About Bluebird 
Bluebird is a global provider offering full range of enterprise mobile device including data capture, payment and business tablet. It is the only manufacturer who can really focus on both Mobile computing and payment industry at the same time. Headquartered in Korea, Bluebird operates local offices in US and China.