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December 16, 2015

Bluebird to Aggressively Penetrate 3rd Position in Global Market Share through Simultaneous Releases of 5 New Enterprise Products

Simultaneous Launching 5 brand new products for each field; 2 of world's first Automatic Identification full touch handhelds, 1 payment terminal and 2 business Tablets. 
Collects favorable response as an innovation in leading technology and products in France Cartes exhibition 2015.

Enterprise mobile device manufacturer, Bluebird Inc., has took its full swing by officially releasing 5 brand new of its products in one event, making it the world's first ever attempt. 

Bluebird has received grand attention from industry officials all around the world by releasing 5 of its new products during the biggest exhibition for payment and security, Cartes Secure Connexions Event 2015 which took place in Paris, France, November 17th. 

After Bluebird's establishment in 1995, Bluebird has dominated the global market making it the Top 5 Company around the world providing turn-key solutions for industrial mobile devices. Bluebird has also set a first-class example in the Korean domestic market by placing them the only manufacturer in the world to provide all 3 line-up of Barcode / RFID Reading (AIDC) Handheld, Payment Terminals and Business Tablets. 

A variety of situational scenarios were demonstrated through the newly released products from retail, services, government, transportation and logistics. The full touch handheld for Automatic Identification (EF500 and EF500R), Business Tablet which may be transformed into a POS desk top through the use of its standalone cradle (ET100 and RT100) and the Mobile Payment Terminal (MT280) had especially received favorable attention. 

Before consumer full touch phones, Bluebird had profitably served the enterprise mobile market and has led the industry standards by introducing the world's first full touch 5-inch handheld with integrated barcode reader. The launch of the new EF500 and EF500R can acknowledged as the ultimate 5-inch industrial full touch terminal that provides full durability and functionality required from the industry. The product is fully flexible with Android and/or Windows OS, has applied waterproof and dustproof technology as well as MIL-STD 810G standard providing optimal performance in any harsh industrial environment. The permanently integrated rugged case which is equipped to the EF500R provides world class durability by resisting 2.4m drop tests and 1,000 times tumble tests performed from 1m above ground. The device also provides biometric finger printing capability, maximizing the security and stability of user and user information and also may be paired to a Bluebird Mobile EMV Chip Card and Contactless Reader for POS features. Already making its presence in a great scale with the successful launch in the United States and Japan in major Retail chain stores, a great number of previously used devices with capabilities of its own were replaced by effectively combining and utilizing the Bluebird's full touch technology, significantly reducing administration costs and increasing operational efficiency. 

The Business Tablet, ET100 and RT100, is not only ruggedized but also dust and water resistance and provides a variety of industrial peripherals (barcode readers, card readers and special docking stations) which have been optimized from the designing stage, making the tablets fully capable of utilization in manufacturing sites, retail stores and commercial operations, etc. Unlike the consumer tablets, it also provides SDK for application development and continuous customer technical support, ensuring the compatibility and stability of each program running on the device. 

The all new MT280 is the perfect mobile payment terminal for Small and medium-sized business merchants for the seamless payment solution. Applying the very recent version of PCI 4.X standard after the 3.X, substantial amount of security measures were added on the device making it one of the safest devices in the world and one of the first devices ever to pass the certification. Furthermore, the sleek design which has won all three major international design awards and the rugged form factor which has 20 years of base foundation has completed the product the best in class. 

Bluebird's Industrial Handheld Terminals are used for inventory management, customer engagement, store management, mobile payment, etc., and provides an integrated all-in-one solution that satisfies all applications required in any industry. The main advantage is not just the level of presenting the product but in providing customers a complete total solution through the combination of various devices and software that reflects the latest trends in each environment. Customers may also purchase diverse range of mobile devices for each and every operation, minimizing the introduction and operation cost of purchases from numerous different suppliers. 

Bluebird CEO mentions, "The foremost topic for businesses in the rapidly changing environment is reducing costs while increasing customer satisfaction and significant operational efficiency. The simultaneous launch of 5 new different devices for mobile solutions will reflect perfectly on the needs of enterprises and set new examples to show clearly how competitive and fast evolving Bluebird is in the global market. The year 2016 will be the starting era in which Bluebird enters 3rd place among global competitors.

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With up-to-date mobility computing solutions for all fields of business, Bluebird provides the latest turnkey solutions from your daily mail delivery to credit card payment counters, reaching out to fortune 500 companies and local government organizations. Through its convergence technology and excellent line-up of handhelds, industrial tablets and payment terminals, Bluebird aims to provide the most diverse solutions that enable our customers to be leaders in industry.