October 11, 2017

Bluebird recognized as top25 manufacturing technology solution providers 2017

Bluebird has been recognized as one of top25 manufacturing technology solution providers 2017 by APAC CIO Outlook magazine.

Bluebird: Total Mobility Solution Provider for Smart Manufacturing

A top three global manufacturer of high-end industrial mobile computers, the sole provider of integrated AIDC and payment solutions, over two decades of market experience, and more than 3000 satisfied customers. These facts mirror the journey and the present representation of what Seoulbased Bluebird is. With a unique and wide range of mobile solutions, since 1995 Bluebird has been aiding industry giants including leading manufacturers such as Samsung Heavy Industries across the globe to improve the way they work.

“In the manufacturing sector, defects are bound to occur; and having no tool to track defects not only impedes revenue generation but also damages hard earned reputation as a manufacturer,” CEO of Bluebird, Jang Won Lee notes.
Lee also believes that maintaining the quality standards of merchandisers should stand as the utmost priority for any manufacturer. And, to ensure not only the quality level, but also real-time visibility and brand loyalty in various industries, Bluebird has developed a wide solutions portfolio spanning from secure mobile payments to workforce automation and customer engagement. Apart from equipping employees with information whenever and wherever they need, Bluebird’s solutions for manufacturing provide control and traceability of components and ingredients in order to validate that the finished product meets quality specifications.

In addition, Bluebird’s tablets or mobile computers help employees ensure that workers do not leave any room for errors pertaining to the production quantity & quality standards of merchandise orders. The firm does so by making their solutions and mobile devices capable of directly monitoring production processes and machinery performance. The robust mobile devices offer real-time information about throughput and performance, so that workers can reduce the margin for error and take proactive measures before problems occur. Bluebird’s mobile devices can read barcodes (1D as well as 2D) and RFID with exceptional accuracy and speed. The company’s proprietary TankSmith™ technology enables maximum reliability in tough manufacturing environments with of the resistance to handle scratches, multiple drops, and bumps. The devices also host diverse communication technology with support for LTE, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth and PTT functions, which enables a synchronized team with the ability to communicate efficiently.

Along with state-of-the-art hardware solutions, the company also provides dedicated software solution BOS™(Business Optimizing Solution) for the each step of the entire product cycle including BOS™ SDK for specialized development, BOS™ Provisioning for rapid deployment, BOS™ VoIP for maximised utilisation and BOS™ EMM for secure and efficient management. BOS™ Provisioning enables users to set and automatically enforce policies that keep the devices updated with the latest software and settings. On the other hand, to equip manufacturing workforces with an efficient and easy to- use communications platform, Bluebird has designed BOS™ VoIP, which is an enterprise VoIP solution, compatible with Bluebird Mobile Computers, that facilitates enriched communication and collaboration between organizations and their coworkers. BOS™ EMM provides essential tools to enhance workforce efficiency and drive down costs for customised device management.  

Besides steering utmost reliability and performance, the employment of Bluebird’s solutions and products manifest ample competitive advantages for manufacturers. These solutions efficiently improve inventory accuracy and reduce associated time and costs. Alongside, these offerings also optimize maintenance schedules to reduce downtime. As the mobile enable seamless data transfer between devices and departments, businesses can effortlessly monitor production performance and meet targeted revenue.

From releasing the world’s first Mobile POS’ BIP-1000 Series back in 1995 to developing world’s first rugged handheld computer (integrated with four different types of RF technology), Bluebird has been constantly pushing the envelope of innovation in order to offer comprehensive manufacturing solutions to its clients. At present, Bluebird runs an R&D center in Bengaluru, India and over 80 professional service and support centers across the globe. In addition to constant development for new innovative products on Bluebird’s current offerings; industrial handheld computers, payment terminals, rugged tablets, the firm is also developing a new line-up of tablet POS and peripherals like barcode scanner and POS printer, with the aim of expanding their portfolio toward a unified solution that would address global enterprise challenges.


A global manufacturer of industrial handheld computers, tablets, and mobile payment devices, offering secure mobile payments, workforce automation, and customer engagement solutions.

Key Person:
Jang Won Lee, CEO