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February 14, 2020

Bluebird unveils new IoT RFID products, fruits of decades-long experience in the field.

The company to debut its new products at the NRF 2020, the largest retail technology event in North America, on the coming 12th.
  •  Attends NRF 2020, the largest retail technology event in North America, to showcase new IoT RFID products for establishment of enterprise RFID environment.
  •  Plans to expand its position in the related market through strategic products with strong partnership.
  •  With two decades of effort in development of advancing technology, take another leap forward global top tier through new IoT RFID solutions.

(Jan-08-2020) Bluebird (www.bluebirdcorp.com), an enterprise total IoT solution specialist, announced on the 8th that the new RFID products with its 20 years of accumulated technology and know-how will be showcased at NRF (National Retail Federation), the largest retail technology expo in North America held in New York on the coming 12th.
NRF 2020 is the largest retail technology expo in North America where over 800 exhibitors gather to introduce new technologies and products and over 38,000 people from related fields visit. Bluebird has participated in NRF for 14 times up to this year. In particularly this time, with the release of new RFID products, the company presents the most effective way to experience the entire process for establishment of enterprise RFID environment with influential partners of the industry.
The new RFID products to be shown at the expo will not only improve productivity using RFID products but also enable all systems to be effectively set up and managed to utilize the IoT environment in easy ways. What is more, it is notable that the new RFID product lineups are developed with the best RFID technology.
First, thanks to the success of the handheld RFID reader (RFR900), which has been widely adopted in the European market due to its excellent performance and Bluebird's technical support compared to competitors’ products, 4 new products (handheld, fixed, wearable, desktop reader) are shown at the booth with the applications.
In particular, Bluebird joined the RAIN RFID Alliance, a global alliance promoting the universal adoption of UHF RFID technology, last year to apply relevant technologies to the products and upgraded the performance of RFID reader through technical collaboration with Impinj, a global leading company in RAIN RFID.
Second, Bluebird newly released Bluebird Universe™, a platform that collects and analyzes data from various IoT devices, and 4 new solutions (data management, inventory management, RFID solution development support, operation support) for effective management and operation. The company makes sure that the new software products will have customers comfortable with their IoT environment as well as managing Bluebird hardware in use.
Third, Bluebird launched a service that supports the establishment of the IoT environment and its continuous operation and management. The company provides a full range of support services, including RFID consultation design services ranging from the workflow for corporate RFID environment establishment to solution design consultation/PoC/introduction, security management, warranty extension, and employee training service.
Along with the abovementioned, market trends, technologies, and key case studies will be introduced at the keynote sessions with four major RFID solution partners, including SML-RFID, Detego. In addition, the company plans to demonstrate Bluebird’s products and technologies through cross exhibition with Impinj. Bluebird also plans to perform joint activities with other partners in various fields such as Lucas Systems, a leading company in voice directed work execution solution, MaxImage, finger-print solution provider, and Prime Interway, a big distributor from Brazil.
Jang Won Lee, CEO of Bluebird said, “Bluebird has developed its technological capability to actively respond to rapid market flows over the past 20 years,” “We have always been going forward with evolving technology. We will take another leap forward global top tier with the new RFID products in the market rapidly reshaping with RFID,” he added.
You will find Bluebird at Booth No. 3111 and 3310 on Level 3 of the NRF expo hall.