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November 01, 2021

[Battery Promotion] Special discount until December

Dear partners & customers,

The team at Bluebird Inc. highly appreciates your interest on us, as well as the support you have shown for our products.

To express our gratitude, we would like to offer your company a special discount. As batteries are consumables that should be replaced on a regular basis, we hope you will take this opportunity to assist your business with changing the battery line on promotion, and establish a replacement schedule to ensure safe use.

 Model  Batteries in the EF50x line (EF500, EF500R, EF501, EF501R)
  • Batteries having 300-500 charging cycles (generally after 1 year usage)
  • Battery capacity reduced to 70% to 80% of its original capacity
  • Significant reduction in the device's operating time
 Period (Order reception)  1st November 2021 - 20th December 2021
 Contact If you would like to place an order of the batteries on special discount, please enquire with your nearest Bluebird reseller first, before reaching out to directly to us.
  • AMEA - ameabizgroup@bluebirdcorp.com
  • JAPAN - japan@bluebirdcorp.com
  • EUROPE - eubg@bluebirdcorp.com
  • NORTH AMERICA - nabg@bluebirdcorp.com
  • SOUTH AMERICA - latam@bluebirdcorp.com

Bluebird Inc.