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November 10, 2021

Bluebird - Product Innovations from South Korea

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Bluebird distributes leading RFID solutions and industrial mobile devices worldwide from its headquarters in Seoul. Applications include transportation, warehousing, financial and insurance services, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, healthcare and the beverage industry.

- A reading range of 10 meters and a reading speed of 1,300 tags per second

Working Efficiently with the RFR900 and RFR901 Handhelds
The RFR901 is the globally proven next generation of the RFR900 model, a bestseller in the global market for RFID handheld readers for various industrial environments. The RFR901 can read up to 1300 tags in one second from a distance of up to 10 meters. Devices can be easily connected to the RFR901 via a physical or Bluetooth connection. The RFR901's lightweight design, weighing only 353 grams, and ergonomically designed handle allow for discomfort-free long-term use and a comfortable grip. Optimized for use in industrial, retail or healthcare environments, the RFR901 and RFR900 are suitable for item identification, inventory and stocktaking, asset tracking and warehouse management where large volumes of tags are read. The RFR901 has proven its robustness for industrial applications in drop tests from a height of 1.5 meters and 1000 drops from 0.5 meters and can be used in temperature ranges between -20°C and 60°C. 

Customer Service with DR900 and DR901 Desktop Readers
Both the DR900 and DR901 offer high reading performance. From a range of 30-50 cm, 300 tags per second can be read. The reading performance can be adjusted in 1 dB increments so that the devices read the desired items accurately and prevent unwanted cross-reading. The DR900 has a small and compact design that allows for easy handling. The DR901, with its ultra-thin design, can read multiple tags at once. A large number of products can be identified at once, and payment processes are significantly shortened. Both the DR900 and DR901 have the ability to write and delete data. Sold items are categorized and marked as available again in the overall inventory in case of a refund. This allows retailers to keep records of items sold and returned based on the data on the RFID tags.

Optimization of Inventory Management with the FR900 Fixed Reader
The FR900 enables a real-time inventory management system that reduces overstocks while ensuring item availability and improved customer satisfaction. Through the use of the real-time inventory management system, the FR900 provides the user with real-time item inventory data. Items can be checked in at the loading dock and tracked within a single store, between stores, in a warehouse or distribution center. It is 25 times faster than traditional bar code scanners and offers 99 percent reading accuracy. The FR900 calculates the quantity of items scheduled for receipt and provides real-time updates on the current number of available stock. Data captured by the FR900 can be shared online in real time, facilitating online shopping. In stores, the FR900 can also be integrated into self-service kiosks, allowing customers to read and purchase all desired items at once. By using the FR900 in smart gates, retailers can track which items leave the store. 

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