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February 28, 2011

Bluebird Showcases Pidion BIP-1500 at CeBIT

News Release February 28, 2011

The new Pidion BIP-1500 is the world’s first 3.5G mobile POS with IP54 rate and is designed to withstand harsh work environment and enable thoroughly secured payment transaction with fast voice and data communication.


Bluebird Soft Inc. (Bluebird), a global provider of mobile computers, will showcase the new Pidion BIP-1500 rugged mobile POS at CeBIT 2011 in Hanover, Germany at Point-of-Sales-themed Hall 16, stand D60. BIP-1500 was successfully unveiled first in the market last December at Cartes & IDentification 2010 in Paris, France. In January, there was a second public demonstration at National Retail Federation (NRF) 100th annual convention and expo 2011 in New York, USA.

[BIP-1500 Rugged Mobile POS]

Bluebird and Pidion products have built exceptional reputation and expertise in global mobile AIDC and POS market to become one of the fastest growing companies ever. Its revenue grew at an annual rate of more than 50% from 2008 to 2010. All this was made possible by our growing base of sales partners from all over the world. To thank partners’ great performances, Bluebird will host a special event for its sales partners at its stand on the second day of CeBIT 2011. Plus, Bluebird will show new opportunities to expand businesses together with its new product roadmap for near futures.

Pidion BIP-1500 is the newest model of BIP-1000 series which was the world’s first all-in-one mobile POS integrating voice and data communication. In the past decade, the BIP-1000 series has been constantly upgraded to fit fast demand changes in the mobile POS market. Thanks to this market-leading product concept, many BIP-1000 series are used in in-flight sales, on-board ticketing, e-citation, parking enforcement, DSD route accounting and sales force automation worldwide.

Especially, Pidion BIP-1300 mobile POS released in 2006 has shown such versatile improved versions recently including BIP-1300Secure supporting PCI PED, BIP-1300Smart supporting Visa Wave and Master Paypass, and BIP-1300Premium supporting HSDPA(3.5G) mobile communication. Different with BIP-1300 family, BIP-1500 is targeted at the upper-end POS market that wants the smartest, most secure and rugged all-in-one device. With several years of market-proven experiences, BIP-1500 is suggested with various possible options to be fitted for customer’s application. 

For mobile computing function, BIP-1500 is equipped with PXA 320@806 MHz processor, runs on Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system, and supports GSM / HSDPA (3.5G), 802.11b/g, Bluetooth and integrated GPS. It can be packed with 2” or 3” thermal printer, 1D laser scanner or 2D CMOS Imager and 3 megapixel autofocus camera. For secured payment and transaction function, built-in PIN-pad with MSR, IC and RF card reader or built-in fingerprint scanner with MSR and IC card reader is selectable. 

Jangwon Lee, CEO of Bluebird, said “I’m very proud to announce our new product plan for Pidion BIP-1000 mobile POS series. Since we delivered all-in-one mobile POS first in the market in 2002, we have seen that the mobile point of sale market stands apart from the traditional payment territory, and we have been listening and responding to special market requirements. At Bluebird, we believe the Pidion BIP-1500, a new creation with our decade of mobile POS expertise, different from that of competing players that jumped into the market only few years ago, will be the best-fit product in the market once again.”

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