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June 14, 2011

Bluebird Unveils Pidion BPL-10 Portable Payment Terminal at Retail Asia Expo

Press Release June 14, 2011

The new Pidion BPL-10 is a 3.5" portable payment terminal and enables thoroughly secure payment transactions with mobile voice and data communication.


Bluebird Soft Inc. (Bluebird), a global provider of mobile computers, will unveil the new Pidion BPL-10 portable payment terminal at Retail Asia Expo in Hong Kong at hall 3F-G, stand K02. Built with Windows CE Core 5.0 operating system, BPL-10 is designed to be fitted on both of in-door and field sales operations and deliver improved mobility, visibility and flexibility.

Bluebird started a printer-integrated product line from early 2000s. With the market-proven experience, now Bluebird plans to expand market coverage through adding new BPL series -with its first model, BPL-10- to the printer-integrated product line.

One of the best-selling series of the printer-integrated product line is BIP-1000 series. This series was the world’s first all-in-one mobile POS integrating voice and data communication and has been widely distributed to the market over a decade. Many BIP-1000 series are used in in-flight sales, mobile ticketing, e-citation, parking enforcement, DSD (direct store delivery) route accounting and sales force automation.
This series has been constantly upgraded to accommodate rapidly changing mobile POS market trends. Pidion BIP-1300 mobile POS released in 2006 has shown such versatile improved versions recently including BIP-1300 Secure supporting PCI PED, BIP-1300Smart supporting contactless payment, and BIP-1300Premium supporting HSDPA(3.5G) mobile communication. Moreover, new version with built-in UHF reader is under development. In addition, Pidion BIP-1500 rugged mobile POS was unveiled on last December at Cartes&Identification in Paris, France.

Jangwon Lee, CEO of Bluebird, said, “I’m very proud to announce our new product plan for new payment terminal series with BPL-10. Since we present handy terminals to the market more than a decade, we have had plenty of customer feedback which directly reflects market requirements. At Bluebird, we strongly believe the Pidion BPL-10, a new creation with our technical expertise, will bring the best portable payment solutions to the market once again.”

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