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August 06, 2011

Bluebird Launched New Official Global Website

Press Release August 6, 2011

Bluebird Soft is delighted to announce the launch of world’s first and groundbreaking Android handheld lineup to broaden the choices of customers and partners.

Bluebird Soft Inc. (Bluebird), a global provider of handheld mobiles, announced the extension of its product range with Android handheld lineup. This new lineup is a groundbreaking solution for enterprise clients who consider migration to Android devices sooner or later for their advanced professional service.

Bluebird Soft is delighted to announce the launch of its new website delivering win-win solutions for its customers and partners.
Bluebird Soft Inc. (Bluebird), a global provider of handheld mobiles, announced the launch of its new global website. The new Bluebird website contains industry-specific content, linked data structures and comprehensive search, enabling web visitors to get the right information in just three clicks. 

As a market-leading concept provider, Bluebird has continued to develop new products, markets, and marketing tools. Recently Bluebird extended its printer-integrated product line with Pidion® 
BPL-10 portable payment terminal and expanded its market coverage to traditional payment territory with an exclusive expertise in mobile point of sale.

Bluebird launched its new site as one of conceptual marketing tools which are invaluable for both end customers and channel partners. This market-specialized and SEO technology implemented site grants end customers the right solution and the right product simply with their market keywords. The new growing leads from quick and easy search will help transform channel partners into more profitable businesses. Besides, the site will be a good place for gathering voice of the market to improve product and service quality for customers and partners once again. Bluebird also operates resourceful and partner service-oriented sites - 
Pidion®KSPidion®Lib, PidionCare®, and Pidion®App - to enable partners to manage their business efficiently. 

Jangwon Lee, CEO of Bluebird said "The launch of our new website is one example of how we are building and strengthening relationships with customers and partners." He added “This new site is not only a market-specific, time-efficient and easy-to-navigate for our web visitors but also an interactive place to achieve continuous product and service innovation leading to continued mutual prosperity for Bluebird and our partners.” 

Bluebird recently showcased new Pidion® 
handheld mobiles at FOSE in Washington DC and will continue showcasing its new products at Korea Industry Exhibition in Tokyo, SME in Birmingham, GITEX in Dubai, SMAU in Milan, CARTES in Paris, and CIGIT in Shanghai.

About Bluebird Soft 
Bluebird Soft Inc. (Bluebird), founded in 1995, is a global provider of handheld mobiles -including enterprise and industrial handheld computers, printer-integrated payment terminals, handheld scanners and 
RFID handhelds. As Bluebird is the exclusive company which has been both manufacturing AIDC and payment solutions, company has successfully adapt to the emerging market trends with a variety of product lines with flexible customization and prompt support under the brand name of Pidion®. With creative ideas inspired by customers and masterful technical know-hows of its own, Bluebird plans to extend product lines and expand market coverage continuously. Bluebird HQ and its manufacturing facility are based in Seoul, South Korea and it operates offices in USA and China to best serve its global partners.

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