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World-class solutions for all industries

As a trusted partner with decades of expertise in a wide range of industries,
Bluebird is committed to providing comprehensive solutions and services,
customized products for specific user environments that help our customers to grow and succeed in their business.

Benefits of Bluebird Industry Solutions

  • Reducing costs
    by easily processing complex data with
    a variety of data capture technologies.
  • Minimizing risks
    with rugged form factors,
    stable communication capabilities,
    and strong security functions.
  • Improving employee and
    customer satisfaction
    that will bring business profit in return.

Our Industry Solutions

  • Retail

    Bluebird enables retailers to connect with shoppers and create a positive shopping experience that will keep customers coming back.

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  • Transportation

    From passengers to cargo, a safe and efficient delivery is top priority and requires the ability to keep track of shipments and streamline communication with drivers and customers.

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  • Distribution

    Enable your delivery field force to become customer advocates and sales resources by empowering them with a tablet or handheld computer with all the tools they need.

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  • FMCG

    Consumer packaged goods have a short shelf life and a high turnover rate, requiring even more focus on inventory control and delivery precision.

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  • Restaurants & Hospitality

    Take charge out front and in the back. Stay on top of every request, with a positive impact on table turn over rates and sales.

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  • Government

    From public safety and first response to maintenance of buildings, the government mobile workforce needs to be connected to efficiently manage property and assets.

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  • Finance

    The financial market is a fast-paced world where everything is changing by the minute, requiring real-time data and collaboration.

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  • Professional Service

    Connected workers in the field can significantly improve customer satisfaction and productivity, yielding more business and higher profits.

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  • Healthcare

    In healthcare, mobile technology and data-capture technology save lives, improve quality of care, and reduce costs.

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  • Manufacturing

    From track-and-trace to safety inspection and monitoring, mobile technology has a significant impact on the efficiency and quality of the production process.

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  • Payment

    Merchants are embracing mobility as a way to create a better shopping experience and connect with customers. Mobile payments are an integral part of this trend.

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