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Direct Store Delivery (DSD)


Interact more effectively with customers and drive incremental sales by using real-time data.

With Bluebird’s mobile computers, your workers have on-site access to the pricing, promotion
and product availability data they need, while delivering from the distribution center to the store.
You can monitor on-route performance to ensure your route staff is doing what you want, where and when you want.
Grow customer bases and respond effectively to customer requests by performing pre-sales, sales and route accounting activities.


Lost sales can result from delays in product availability and lack of real-time ordering. You may miss out on chances to sell your product because you are not optimally prepared for a sales opportunity without real-time visibility of inventory. The level of service your customers receive depend on how efficiently your workers perform a wide variety of tasks ? from the ordering process to invoicing, merchandising, returns and delivery of the product.


Bluebird’s reliable and differentiated technology solutions allow you to maximize your direct store delivery operations and achieve exceptional efficiency. With Bluebird mobile computers, your sales reps and delivery drivers can perform pre-sales, merchandising, route accounting activities and accepting payments. They can effectively respond to customer requests and consistently execute the best practices while on the move. Boost your sales by equipping your field workers with Bluebird’s technology.


· Access key information about customers, orders, and deliveries in real-time

· On-site access to the pricing, promotion and product availability

· Sleek and lightweight design for convenient mobile use

· Flexible accessories for use in vehicles