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Packing and Staging


Ensure safe handling and delivery of all items with accurate data managing programs with Bluebird mobile computers.

It is very important to pack and stage items correctly, prior to shipping goods. With advanced RFID solution,
your workers will be able to scan all items in a single place, arranging it by type, manufacturer or specifications.
We ensure you the highest level of accuracy in task performances with these tools.


Packing and staging is one of the most basic processes in your warehouse. At this critical phase, there is no room for errors to make sure that all following tasks are performed correctly. Although time is important, it is more crucial if workers can pack and stage with accuracy.


It is Bluebird’s goal to ensure the safe handling and delivery of all items that you transport. Through wearable or vehicle-mount technologies, we can help you accelerate productivity. Enhance work operations with barcode and RFID scanners utilizing various data capture options in your warehouse.


· Guaranteed product safety and delivery accuracy

· Advanced data capturing modules with rapid data processor

· Improve productivity and save time performing tasks