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POS & Counter Management

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Replace your front desk computers with Bluebird’s tablet line of products that are equipped
with all-inclusive payment options and various applications to manage customer’s data.

Bluebird’s FMCG solution is primarily based commitment to customer satisfaction and associate productivity.
Replace your front desk computers with Bluebird’s tablet line of products and experience seamless payment
and variety of applications to manage customer data.
These devices support all known payment methods including: swiping, inserting and tapping payments.
Additionally, POS and ERP interwork allows your employees to check pricing and product availability on the spot.
Expedite checkouts and create loyal customers with comprehensive management applications.


Shoppers are spending a great deal of time waiting in the checkout line. A customer may need a final check on the price and product availability. To cater to these various inquiries on the spot, you have to delay the next customer’s orders and occupy another employee. Which can create unnecessary wait time for your valued customer, and a disatisfied customer, may never return to your store.


Equip your check stands with Bluebird’s tablet devices and experience seamless payment and various applications to boost customer’s shopping experience. Spending less time on the counter will result in a pleasant shopping experience, encouraging them to return again.


· Mobile POS solution

· Helpful applications for price checking and inventory management

· All-inclusive payment options including: Magnetic stripe readers, Smart Card readers (ICC, EMV level 1&2) and Contactless payments. (MasterCard PayPass, Visa PayWave, calypso, NFC)

· Excellent inventory management

· Digital signage