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Promotion Asset Management


Use Bluebird’s asset management solutions to maintain and secure the availability of
promotional assets and control its usage and consumption with comprehensive data.

Use Bluebird’s preventive strategies to enable monitoring of promotional assets and increase optimal resource allocation.
Automate the asset tracking process to improve inventory accuracy and reduce management costs.
With one click of a button, you get access to asset information and history real-time.
Track your promotional assets and maintain their security.
Optimize your production time and boost sales by keeping your promotion assets in good working order.


Monitoring and tracking your promotion assets require accurate visibility. Without accurate data, you cannot track defects or view device’s repair record, software version, warranty, and etc. In order to optimize production time, availability and sales, assets need to be kept in good working order.


Give your employees access to accurate and consistent data in order to track, maintain and improve the performance of your promotion assets. Work orders can be delivered to associates immediately using Bluebird’s mobile computers, tablets and RFID readers. Completed work data is electronically recorded so you can manage the maintenance and security of your promotion assets with preventative strategies.


· Optimize asset tracking for asset security

· Manage maintenance costs through automated tracking

· Increase work productivity by reducing downtime