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Sales Force Automation


Provide your employees with our solutions to let them present products and ideas to your clients on the spot.
Automate your sales force’s business approach so that your clients make deals when it’s fresh in their eyes.

Our solutions replace email, phone calls, and spreadsheets with one system to manage and report on field services,
so you can position employees where they are most needed.
By automating your sales force with our solutions, they can make pre-sales, real-time POD (Proof of delivery), account management,
and invoicing, which will ensure full visibility of the operation to your clients.
You can keep better track of orders with our management applications, letting you know of the date, location, and status of your orders.
Efficient field services speed delivery, increase customer satisfaction and boost productivity.
Improve customer interaction by cutting unnecessary time and resources on the middle man, through dealing with orders on the spot.


In an operation, any procedures that cannot be done timely almost always get back listed pushed onto someone else’s task list. Not only will this generate more work, but invites human errors cutting down your speed and accuracy. Every step of the order process requires many hands for the job. Therefore, streamlining procedures will result in a more efficient production and less chance for error.


Deliver greater insight into resource utilization and work patterns through real-time voice and data connections to the field. Make pre-sales while it’s fresh on your clients eyes. Our solutions will give your workers the ability to make complete orders right onto confirmation. Mobile computers reduce complexity by consolidating requisition systems, help desks, managing asset disorders and system flow. Empower your field technicians with the information and tools they need; which can help them to respond faster in meeting your customer’s demands.


· Deliver greater insight into resource utilization and work patterns

· With consolidated inventory and part management, you can ensure that the correct parts are available when it is most needed

· Improve services and processes by accessing real-time data