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Shipping & Delivery


In changing the modern shipping & delivery services, Bluebird’s mobile terminals are offering practical solutions to your day-to-day operation.
Take control and make use of efficient tools that can help you in all your delivery and installation procedures.

There are many ways how a delivery service depends on technology for every step of their job,
and we Bluebird want to be there for the whole process.
Retailers can make use of our advanced data capturing devices to upload their deliveries into the database.
Calculating remaining deliveries opposed to amount delivered,
they can keep an accurate range of stocks for better investment of resources.
The persistent connection to the department network will allow you to make direct store delivery,
and let you efficiently supervise your workers.
With the help of business applications you can view and manage all on-going tasks
and make effective decisions with full visibility on the shipping & delivery operation.
Finally all these features are jam-packed in our slim but industry rugged mobile terminals,
so you don’t have to carry additional gadgets out to the field.


We understand that there are many steps involved in making a successful shipping & delivery operation. Transportation, scanning, tracking, and managing assets on these items are just the basic aspect of the job. With many underlying micro tasks in each process, you need a comprehensive tool that can do it all.


Our slim but industry rugged devices are specifically designed to carry out wide range of delivery procedures. The persistent connection to the department network, easy communication tools, and comprehensive management applications will streamline your entire operation.


· Reliable navigation system with route-optimizing features

· Advanced scanners for capturing complex barcodes

· Ongoing tracking options for employee location

· Fully optimized network capabilities for industrial demands

· Deliberately designed with sleek and lightweight quality

· Flexible accessories for use in vehicles