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Staff ID Management


Increase security and convenience for your staff by incorporating Bluebird’s solution for managing identification.
Supporting a variety of data capturing modules, Bluebird’s devices can authenticate employees
to provide accurate data on their going ins and outs of the establishment.

Bluebird’s mobile terminals can provide you with secure and convenient ways to authenticate your staff. They are equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) sensors for staff ID cards and provide fingerprint scanning for higher level of security. Additionally, applications can be customized to give out clearance levels for each individual staff and distribute varying utility access to reduce possible mishandling, or even theft.


A lack of identity and access management poses major risks not only to employees but also to the overall security of the business. With growing company resources and the workforce, a secure administrative effort is essential for tracking employee’s hours and company assets.


Bluebird’s mobile terminals offer the most stringent level of security so unauthorized personnel does not gain access to someone else’s resources. Our mobile terminals are equipped with sensors; contact/contactless data capture and provide finger print scanning for higher security measure. Make use of our all-in-one mobile terminals to streamline and secure your staff authentication today.


· Persistent connection to your department network

· Simplified authentication process for increase in productivity

· Advanced data capturing modules with complete scanning components

· Sleek and lightweight design for convenient mobile use