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Customer Engagement


Make an impact on your first impressions, and make your customers get on the same page
with Bluebird’s wealth of impressive devices presenting rich information.

Use Bluebird’s impressive mobile tablets to showcase rich information, present products, instruct service policies,
and make every contract a success. Many of our products are light weight and known for its sleek design,
making them perfect fit for a meeting. Additionally with our various customized solutions you can bring up your working arrangements;
such as showing your customer the backlogged incident in their claims report history or even demonstrate logical scenarios.
Take advantage of Bluebird devices and get on the same page to increase service accuracy and customer engagement.


Sometimes it is difficult to explain contract information and get on the same page with customers without some sort of visual aid.

To give quality customer service, you must engage them at their level and be transparent in all your operations.


Execute precision and transparency with Bluebird’s impressive devices. Showcase insurance information and make them understand every part of the service procedure.

With images, audio, and customizable applications, you can manipulate every meeting into a success.


· optimum performance for showcasing and presenting services

· customizable application features

· sleek and lightweight form factors for maximum portability

· seamless data transfer between device and central database