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Merchant Payment Terminal


Acquire Bluebird’s leading products to serve your clients with the best technology and comprehensive solutions the industry has got to offer.
Join us to unify all payment methods to bring convenience and freedom for people across the world.

Bluebird offers high quality products that can meet all industrial demands with our leading technology, and comprehensive solutions.
Supply independent clients with Bluebird products to equip them with outstanding gear, to help them with various payment methods and data process.
Bluebird devices are fully loaded with features that include: all payment methods (swiping, inserting and tapping), an open platform, Linux with QT and comprehensive SDK(software development kit)
for business applications that are all wrapped in one single device to ensure safe transactions and industrial grade ruggedness for fighting off the wear and tear of harsh environments.
May your clients be a card company, private banker, or an insurance agency; our products are guaranteed to offer ultimate solutions, and dedicated support in meeting their unique needs.


You need assurance in the products you sell to have wide-range of capabilities that meet specific demands. You need to know if the devices are verified in the regions you distribute and know if they have working security tools for valid protection.


Bluebird payment terminals already have been certified with the latest security standard such as EMV, and PCI PTS. We specialize in meeting customer’s demands with our wide selection of products.

We have dedicated software support that helps end users with installation up to troubleshooting applications.

If network security is your concern, know that our devices are armed with the latest Stone Wall Security with encryption algorithms. So distribute with assurance knowing that our products come with reasonable pricing and ready to tackle all your clients’ demands.


· EMV level 1 & 2, PCI PTS with Stone Wall™ security

· various payment methods

· developer friendly environment ? SDK, Linux with QT

· mobility options with excellent network connections

· dedicated software support

· Bluebird TMS suit for comprehensive payment solutions