Micro Financing


Operate your business with Bluebird products to provide your customers with various loan
options and complex payment schemes to personalize banking.

There may be many products in the market that provide payment transaction and data options. Bluebird products offer all of the payment and data collecting options matched
with trends of market and give access to tailor made applications to meet your unique needs. In our banking solutions, the service provider can give various options
for acquiring loans, down payment, and managing customer information. The solutions will allow users to make separate payments in equaling out to their total money withdrawn.
Provide loans, track daily payments for your customers and give them valid confirmation on the spot with the built in printers for receipts.


In many countries where some people don’t have access to reliable banking. More careful operation is needed for installment loans and direct payment business to provide convenient and better service.


Aside from giving payment and data handling solutions, Bluebird’s solutions can also provide advanced banking services with our comprehensive solutions.

Give loans, make down payment, and manage customer information for a complete service. For security measures, Bluebird products are armed with Stone Wall security for PTS PCI, and EMV certifications, and encryption algorithms for prevention.

An open platform for business applications is provided with SDK


· EMV, PTS PCI verified products with Stone Wall™ security

· fully optimized network capabilities for industrial demands

· mobility options with excellent network connections

· dedicated software support and open platform OS