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Portable Card Terminal & Moving ATM


Equip your financial service providers with the latest Bluebird devices.
Visit your clients and offer them reliable banking service.

Many of Bluebird’s products give optimum payment and data recording. It may be exactly what you need to become roaming mobile bank.
Offer payment, collect fees, send money, and give out loans with our all-inclusive devices. Make use of business applications that can help you handle your
operation with various customizable features. And you can manage individual customer information more conveniently. Provide easy banking,
track daily payments for your users, and give them valid confirmation on the spot providing receipts with the built in printers.


Unfortunately, some countries still lack reliable banking, making them resort to undocumented transactions and inconvenient methods in handling their affairs.

Even devices that provide mobile banking can become easy targets with their unprotected network security.


With Bluebird’s devices, your financial service providers can offer easy & simple payment and data collecting solutions. Bluebird devices provide true mobility with light-weight designs, extended battery, and strong network connections.

For payment security, Bluebird products are armed with Stone Wall security for PCI PTS, and EMV certifications and encryption algorithms.

To top it off, our comprehensive solutions are guaranteed to provide you with the perfect business application to satisfy your unique needs.


· EMV, PCI PTS verified products with Stone Wall™ security

· fully optimized network capabilities for financial demands

· deliberately designed with sleek and lightweight quality

· industrial ruggedness

· mobility options with excellent network connections