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Mobile Workforce for a Safer Community

Bluebird enables federal agencies and local governments to streamline operations and to track government assets and services.
Mobile technology connects law enforcement to mission-critical information so they can respond faster and more efficiently,
and it also enables government agencies to track assets and automate repairs and maintenance.

Real-Time Information

Access to real-time information is mission critical for government agencies with the mission to protect and serve the citizens.

Bluebird’s solutions enable government agencies to connect their field workforce to the same information and systems that their office staff uses. The solutions significantly increase productivity and provide information transparency that improves the decision-making process. Instantly file reports, collect evidence, and send new work assignments to the person who best matches the skills needed in the right location.

Collaboration & Urgent Communications

Speed of communication and the ability to collaborate in real time save lives.

Bluebird makes it possible to broadcast urgent information to the entire field force or to selected individuals, speeding up the response time in an emergency and increasing situational awareness of first responders.

Bluebird offers standard messenger options, VoIP, and push-to-talk functionality with support for both one-to-one and one-to-many communications.

Real-Time Asset Tracking

Asset management is a critical function for public safety agencies with valuable assets that have to be ready to deploy at a minute’s notice.

Bluebird’s barcode- and RFID-based solutions keep track of people, vehicles, and other valuable assets in real time to increase safety and to make sure government assets are efficiently used and properly maintained.
In the public sector, Bluebird’s solutions are used in the areas of law enforcement, first responders, national parks, federal buildings, homeland security, military, and public transportation, to mention some.