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Bluebird’s devices will grant teachers with the latest applications for teaching and management.
Let’s prepare our students for the modern mobile world.

Many applications today are being developed for education purposes, and we Bluebird have overseen this trend for some time.
Not only do our products make use of various teaching tools, we give effective solutions to manage students.
Bluebird mobile computer or enterprise tablets are designed to be tough,
as it incorporates a special method of Tank Smith technology to make the mobile devices industry rugged.
Extended use is expected and encouraged.
Eliminate the use of paper with electronic textbooks, and tests.
Manage your students with extensive planners and student engagement programs.
Let’s make our schools full of truly forward thinking adaptors.


With many of today’s students becoming more tech savvy, it is important for teachers to embrace this change in trend. The teaching material does not need to change but its delivery method must be arranged to better prepare students for the professional world.


Bluebird solutions provide you with the latest devices and tools to upgrade your teachers and students to becoming better equipped for living in the mobile world. With Electronic textbooks, quizzes, student affair, and student engagement programs, they are just the tip of what you can expect to see with our devices. Designed with extended use in mind, our slim industry rugged devices will take you and your students learn to enjoy learning again.


· Engage with your students personally with extensive note taking applications

· Create tests and give instant feedback

· Mobile solutions

· Deliberately designed with sleek and lightweight quality

· Proven ruggedness in education environments.