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Device & Asset Management


Decrease downtime and increase optimal resource allocation by enabling technicians to monitor,
diagnose and resolve equipment issues.

Make more informed business decisions with a powerful and flexible solution from Bluebird.
Empower technicians to track and secure equipment and other assets on the move with Bluebird’s mobile computers.
With various tracking tools, you can monitor the activities of high-value assets including identity, time, date and place of movement.


In general, using paper forms or other data reporting methods to move work order information can invite many errors. To bring accuracy and precision in your production, you need reliable ways to track equipment status. Additionally, maintenance is crucial to aging equipment and accurate real-time visibility is needed in order to conserve resources.


Maintain facilities, devices, and other assets via communication between a mobile workforce and computer systems. Device and asset management is focused strictly on the wireless automation of asset management and for processes such as equipment addition and reduction, replacement, over-hauling, redundancy setup and maintenance budgets. Electronic work orders can be delivered to technicians using mobile computers and tablets. To display the maintenance history, a quick scan of the barcode is all that is needed.


· Improve inventory accuracy and reduce associated time and costs of service

· Optimized maintenance schedules reduce downtime

· Increase technician productivity

· Manage maintenance costs through automated tracking of time and cost