Evidence Management

Pubbliche Amministrazioni

Truly engage in your investigations and make use of Bluebird’s wonderfully made mobile devices
that is rigged with audio, video, and various data recording capabilities to aid you in your detective work.

Many of Bluebird’s mobile computers and enterprise tablets can assume the role of an all-around investigative tool.
It comes with auto focus cameras with imaging solutions for various forms of number extraction.
It can playback with dual microphones with noise cancellation and an HD display that is readable under sunlight.
As for the methods of recognizing plate numbers, you can capture data and access your department network instantaneously.
So you can check associated records with just the vehicle number.
Make crime and accident reporting a breeze with Bluebird mobile hardware solutions.


Words don’t mean much in the professional world, you need valid evidence to back your claim. You need to gather data in an efficient manner and be able to process information quickly in assessing the situation.


Bluebird’s mobile devices can efficiently capture image, audio, video, and RFID based data, and playback on high quality display, and crisp speakers for accurate inspection. Our devices are designed to be used on rough environments so you can take them out on harsh environments and focus solely on the job. May it be used for capturing vehicle’s registration plate number, auto accident investigation, and claiming evidence, as our mobile solution is guaranteed to give its best performance for all the tasks.


· Abundant data capturing components for collecting various types of evidence

· Instantly send data to the department DB

· Safe and secure connections

· Fully optimized network capabilities for industrial demands

· Deliberately designed with sleek and lightweight quality