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Fleet Management


Bluebird devices have access to excellent fleet management applications.
Bluebird’s tools will help you guide all your fleets to efficiently reach their destination by monitoring their fuel consumption,
keeping up to date with vehicle status, and giving reliable communication between employees to drive productivity right to the top.

Given today’s high fuel costs, it is crucial to develop an optimal fleet transportation plan that minimizes costs while maximizing asset utilization.
Fleet management program from Bluebird helps maintenance workers, security personnel,
and transportation service providers to effectively manage the strategic aspects of a complex network on railways, ships, buses, cars, taxis and more.
Bluebird’s fleet management solution will enhance your service with visibility, collaboration and synchronization across all networks.


The challenges in meeting today’s delivery standards lie in maintaining fuel costs, giving efficient delivery and keeping a reliable communication. When productivity is an issue, there will most likely be a visibility problem following, and this is the main area Bluebird’s fleet management solution will address.


Bluebird’s Fleet management solution will help you create detailed, realistic solutions that minimize the cost of delivery and maximize your service level. Your workers can create exceptional delivery schedules and establish efficient daily route planning based on resource availability and requirements.


· Increase labor productivity and decrease equipment costs

· Reduce repair and maintenance costs

· Eliminate shipment delays due to administrative errors

· Reliable distribution network

· Increase delivery speed with route optimization