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Identification Authentication


Take advantage of Bluebird’s Identification Authentication tools to bring quick
and secure access to user’s information and effective applications to manage them on the move.

Bluebird provides essential identification authentication with the state of the art optic lasers that can scan various barcodes,
and fingerprint patterns. Make the process swift, as our mobile devices can instantly process data and transfer to
authorized department networks to finish the job. Bluebird will help you get the right devices for all your specialized needs.


Wherever you go, identity authentication is a system used everywhere by most establishments. The usual slow process of manually checking sensitive information can be a tedious procedure. This causes line-ups and hang-ups that most can do without.


All of Bluebird mobile devices are equipped with various forms of optic lasers that can scan all sorts of complex barcodes, and fingerprint patterns. Then the scanned data authenticates identification instantly, giving access or go far as to checking the person’s records. You can also transfer their data to authorized department networks and gain second viewing at authentication if need be.


· Optic fingerprint scanning for easy and accurate access to data

· Secure and constant access to the department network

· Seamless data transfer between device and department

· Real-time information review

· Customizable hardware and software for all your needs