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Outpatient Management


Take advantage of Bluebird’s complete outpatient management solutions
and streamline workflow to boost productivity in your government healthcare insurance services.

Provide excellent service to your outpatients with Bluebird’s healthcare hardware packages.
Manage patient information with elaborate tools to keep track of their history,
schedules and programs they are currently receiving.
With patient status report, insurance payment deduction and schedule handling,
these comprehensive tools will help your caregivers at every step of the process.


As we gain more knowledge in medicine and in human biology, more varied and complex our treatment and caring options came to be. With so many different insurance conditions, it’s challenging to give individual care and uphold high level of service to your outpatients. You need a centralized system that can cover extensive data.


Bluebird’s mobile terminals are ready equipped with highly customizable applications that can help you better manage your patients. Some of these application features include: patient status report, insurance payment deduction, schedule handling, and many more. You can access your insurance service conditions and list of patients at any time with ease, letting you record important information and manipulate data.


· Build optimal schedules based on demand, regulations and preferences

· Improve productivity with access to task management systems

· Customized applications for your unique operational needs

· Persistent connection to the department network

· Sleek and lightweight design for convenient mobile use