Pickup & Delivery


Use real-time data to manage your shipment and provide reliable communication on the move.

You want mail and cargo picked up and delivered with precision from dock to door.
Customize your shipment to your needs with a route optimization solution from Bluebird.
Scan packages, speed delivery times, record deliveries, capture signatures and ensure proof of delivery.
With Bluebird comprehensive mobile computer packages,
you can easily inform drivers about a new delivery destination and change in route.


To thrive in the competitive distribution market, workflow efficiency and customer satisfaction is critical. Today’s customers are much more demanding; they want proactive notification and transparency to every part of your service. Drivers must be time-sensitive and do more for your customers with less errors and overtime. Losing a key customer is easy, but improving customer satisfaction is hard.


Use Bluebird’s solution to provide information to clients, reduce service costs by rapid and transparent reporting and improve client satisfaction. With our mobile computers, information is immediately sent from the pickup to downstream operations, enhancing route optimization. Automate processing of shipment information to increase the accuracy and speed delivery times.


· Reliable navigation system with route accounting features

· Scan packages, record deliveries, capture signatures and ensure proof of delivery

· Speed delivery times with automated processing of shipment information

· Flexible accessories for use in vehicles