User Authentication


Increase security and convenience by using Bluebird’s mobile devices
and gain easy access to imaging solutions to help you with user authentication.

Bluebird can provide you with secure and convenient ways to authenticate users.
Our mobile devices are equipped with sensors for imaging solutions,
which provides fingerprint reader that can gather numerous and complex information efficiently.
We can design complex tools of user authentication where the devices assess your security conditions
and give users appropriate approval of use based on the designed system.
Boost level of security by providing your users with the most secure form of authentication.


Are you the right person? Which security clearance do you belong in? These questions are especially important in areas of government, police and the military. You need quick access so you can get to your duty in an efficient and secure manner.


Bluebird offers the most stringent level of security so unauthorized personnel does not gain access to your resources. Bluebird products are equipped with sensors, contact/contactless data capture, and provide fingerprint reading components that can gather numerous and complex information efficiently. Make use of our all-in-one mobile devices to streamline and secure your user authentication today.


· Persistent connection to your department network

· Simplify authentication process and boost productivity

· Advanced sensors for capturing various forms of data

· Instantaneous data collecting system