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Outpatient Management


Bluebird’s healthcare solution provides comprehensive strategies for managing outpatients
and gives customized solutions to meet your unique operational needs.

To extend your services for those who don’t require facility care, Bluebird has designed tools for a variety of treatment functions. Bluebird’s outpatient
management solutions can give caregivers tools to make their operation easier and your patients will thank you for upholding the same level of service inside and outside the facility.
Bluebird’s solutions can help you with patient status report, outpatients medical costs and schedule handling.
You can access your hospital records and list of patients at anytime letting you record important information and manipulate data.


As we gain more knowledge in medicine and in human biology, more varied and complicated treatments and caring options have become prime issues.

With so many patients in the database, it’s challenging to uphold the same level of care to your outpatients. You need monitoring tools which are connected to centralized system covering extensive data even to patients outside the facility.


Bluebird’s mobile devices are loaded with highly customizable solutions which can help you better manage your patients. Some of our customized application features could include: patient status report, outpatients medical costs, schedule handling, and many more.

You can access your medical records and list of patients at anytime with ease, letting you record important information and manipulate data.


· build optimal tasks management based on demand, regulations and preferences

· effective communication tools for direct connection between caregivers and patients

· improve productivity with access to centralized management systems

· customized solutions for your unique operational needs

· persistent connection to the department network

· sleek and lightweight design for convenient mobile use