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Staff ID Management


Increase security and convenience by using Bluebird’s mobile devices.
Gain easy access to comprehensive data to authenticate your staff’s ID efficiently.

Bluebird’s mobile devices can provide you with secure and convenient ways to authenticate your medical staffs. Bluebird mobile medical devices are equipped with advanced sensors for imaging solutions,
providing finger print scanning tools that can gather numerous and complex information efficiently. Bluebird’s Staff ID management solution can deliver efficient methods to fulfill varying
responsibilities and reduce possible mishandling by providing effective medical equipment access.


Are you the right person? How much authority do you have with your job? These are valid concerns when there are growing number of equipment loss and classified drug thefts happening in the facility.

Authenticating staff and tracking resource whereabouts is a vital part of running an efficient healthcare facility and your patient care service will depend on it in the end.


Bluebird’s mobile devices offer the most stringent level of security so unauthorized personnel does not gain access to someone else’s resources.

Our mobile devices are equipped with high performing sensors, contact/contactless data capture and provide finger print scanning components that can gather numerous and complex information efficiently. Make use of Bluebird mobile devices to streamline and secure your staff authentication today.


· higher level of security and identification

· persistent connection to centralized personnel information

· simplified authentication process to increase productivity

· advanced data capturing modules with high performing scan components

· sleek and lightweight design for convenient mobile use