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Boost Productivity and Quality Control

Mobile computers and data-capture technologies enable you to increase quality control, protect the safety of your customers, and keep suppliers accountable for any compliance issues. When your workers’ have real-time information at their fingertips, they are no longer tied to their workstations but can spend more time on the production floor while making timely and well-informed decisions.

Traceability and Quality Control

Manufacturers look for solutions that provide traceability for the production process and supply chain.

Bluebird’s solutions for manufacturing provide control and traceability of components and ingredients in order to validate that the finished product meets the specification. These records also manage quality issues and action in case of a recall.

Real-Time Planning

Connected workers can make smarter business decisions that impact the bottom line.

Bluebird empowers plant workers with real-time information at their fingertips, enabling intelligent planning and decision-making. Production processes and machinery performance can be monitored directly on a tablet or mobile computer, providing real-time information about throughput and performance so workers can make adjustments and take proactive measures before problems occur.

Efficient Communication

A synchronized team with the ability to communicate with each other will greatly impact the output.

Loud factory environments where workers are tied to assembly rows present a challenge when it comes to communication.
Bluebird solutions provide several options for communications with support for push-to-talk one-to-one and one-to-many. They allow peer-to-peer communication, and workers can quickly report issues which enables faster decision-making.