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Inventory and Materials Management


With Bluebird’s devices, your warehouses can have real-time inventory monitoring to oversee availability
of materials and keep your inventory ready for an optimal production.

As a manufacturer, it is very important to keep your materials stocked so your production team doesn’t have any stumbling blocks to their operation.
By using Bluebird’s devices, your workers can have real-time access to the database; to track, manage and forecast material demands to keep an optimal supply
to meet the production demands. Incorporate Bluebird’s barcode scanners to quickly manage inventory and order the needed materials right away with strong network connections.


Without real-time access to reliable data, you cannot track or forecast material demands. Keeping optimal stock level is essential in running your production as you could run into risks of going out-of-stock or overstock of materials, resulting in production hiccups and lost revenue.

It can either cost your company unnecessary funds and make products unavailable which can ultimately lead to dissatisfied partners and merchandisers.


Bluebird’s devices can give your company access to real-time data which can be used to monitor, track and manage inventory which will result in optimal production levels and satisfied partners.


· optimize inventory accuracy, replenishment and reduce out-of-stock

· electronic ordering for tangible transaction history

· help associates monitor production performance and meet planned revenue