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Staff Communication


Equip your workers with Bluebird’s devices to provide diverse communication options with vast radio, Bluetooth and PTT functions.
Creating this real-time communication link will increase your delegation efficiency and your workers won’t need to
travel from their point of operation for simple tasks such as briefing.

It is common knowledge that reliable staff communication is one of the major factors in running a successful operation. Therefore,
Bluebird has developed devices that provide excellent long range and close range communication adapted for your unique working environment.
Along with access to vast radio, Bluetooth and PTT communications,
your workers can access the head department to forward and receive messages to receive instruction on their day-to-day operation.


Workers in a high paced industrial work environment face many challenges in their day-to-day operation. With loud machines and big shipping orders occupying their surroundings, it can become easy distractions, making it hard to communicate accurate information.


When traditional communication methods are not enough, Bluebird’s mobile technology may be the appropriate response. With vast radio, Bluetooth and PTT capabilities, you can replace manual delegation methods with real-time transmissions.

Using electronic messaging will let you instantly communicate with your associates and even archive transferred information for safe keeping.


· short and long range employee communication with radio and PTT feature

· persistent connection to the department network

· deliberately designed with sleek and lightweight quality