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Warehouse Management


Take advantage of Bluebird’s mobile technology for your warehouse management and gain tools to trace a full life cycle of an individual
material from its initial receiving stage to its final destination. Make use of the flexible accessories to mount the device in any lift machines
and gain direct access to the department network anywhere in the warehouse with secure network connections.

With growing complexity of modern day’s manufacturing environments, warehouses can no longer rely on manual labor alone. Let Bluebird’s mobile devices assist
your production with various applications to track, manage and execute orders to effectively allocate resources where it is most needed.
Bluebird’s devices offer strong network connectivity so your workers can access these tools anywhere inside the warehouse. Furthermore,
the flexible accessories make it possible to mount Bluebird’s tablets inside the vehicles, so even your lift workers can have access to these tools.


Maintaining order and tracking individual merchandise is critical for keeping up with customer’s demands and more importantly when there is a compliance agreement with a supplier.

Its origin, location and stock quantity information cannot be put away for manual audits which can invite unnecessary human errors and result in wasted resources.


Secure your warehouse operation with Bluebird’s devices. Offering customizable applications, mobility, strong network connections and vehicle accessories, it will equip your workers for any procedure.

Bluebird has got you completely covered for every warehouse tasks, including inventory management, shipping & receiving, put-away & replenishment and work order validation.


· improve inventory accuracy and reduce associated time and costs

· optimized maintenance schedules to reduce downtime

· manage maintenance costs through automated time and cost tracking.