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Improving Customer Service and Productivity

Bluebird's mobile solutions connect field-service workers, enabling them to collaborate with the back-office staff. Mobile technology allows technicians to create invoices, track work orders, and process payments from the field. As a result, technicians can spend less time in the office and more time with customers, leading to improved customer satisfaction, higher profits, and better cash flow.

Optimized Resource Planning

Connected workers enable more efficient resource planning and workflow visibility.

New jobs can be dispatched to available technicians with the right skills in real time, and each work order can be tracked — from dispatch to completion. Technicians can access additional details about the job such as prior repair history, drawings, and service contract directly from a tablet or handheld computer.

From Service to Sales

Field service technicians represent companies’ hidden potential, with great impact on sales and customer satisfaction.

Bluebird’s tablets and handheld devices are built for harsh industrial environments — making them a perfect fit for field service applications. Bluebird transforms field service technicians into key players of your sales team. Customer feedback can quickly be captured and additional services and products can be ordered and paid for on the spot, resulting in a higher level of customer service and more sales.

The Connected Technician

Spend more time with customers and less time in the office.

Place orders; create invoices; process payments; track labor, parts, and materials; and record expenses — Bluebird empowers field technicians by giving them access to all the tools they need in a tablet or mobile computer.
A broad range of peripherals allows the solution to be customized with shoulder straps, cradles, vehicle mounts, extended batteries, payment modules, etc.

Success Story

  • Nielsen Holdings PLC

    Nielsen Collects Data Around the World to Provide
    Retail Insights for FMCG Brands

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