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Staff Communication

Profesyonel Hizmet

Bluebird provides the best handheld communication devices that have exceptional network connectivity.
Make use of our advanced PTT communication components for your transmissions and bring your staffs all on the same page.

In areas where staff communication is the key to successful operations, Bluebird’s mobile terminals provide excellent long range
and close range communication tools to keep your staff on the same track. Along with exceptional network connectivity,
our devices provide One-to-One and One-to-Multiple communication possible with the simply designed PTT button.
Make use of the Real-Time voice transmission using the IP net, and access your head department to instantly forward and receive data.


When you and your staff is fulfilling a mission, there is nothing much to do. Reliable communication with near and far recipient is absolutely necessary and you need to know that your line is secure.


Equip you and your staff with Bluebird’s mobile terminals, and you will gain access to reliable communication networks.

One-to-One and One-to-Multiple communication is possible with the simply designed PTT button, Real-Time voice transmissions with the IP net, and access to your head department to instantly forward and receive data.


· short and long range employee communication with radio and PTT feature

· fully optimized network capabilities for industrial demands

· deliberately designed with sleek and lightweight quality