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Customer Ordering and Payment on Table

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Increase sales and guest satisfaction with Bluebird’s mobiles solutions.
Give your customers a complete guest service with wireless ordering and all-inclusive payment options.

Impress every guest on every visit.
Self-order and self-payment is a critical business tool that helps enhance the guest experience,
guest loyalty and workforce efficiency.
Allow guests to order from the tablet using Bluebird’s wireless ordering.
Fully customize each items of Bluebird tablet POS solution which can leverage to process more table turn.
Not only that, guests can enjoy games and promotions using a tablet while waiting for their food and make instant card payments right at the table.


Typical serving order includes handwriting an order, re-enter it in a stand-alone POS, giving it to the kitchen and rekeying it for billing. Running between the POS and the table, your servers cannot be attentive to guests. This time-consuming process reduces opportunities to take more orders, and may create errors in the kitchen.


With mobile ordering and payment solutions from Bluebird, orders are processed more accurately and will take less time. Errors in the kitchen are reduced because guests’ orders are transmitted to the kitchen right away from the table. Increase sales and have more satisfied customers by reducing wait time and providing immediate access to information, promotions and games.


· Streamline the ordering process by transmitting orders to the kitchen right from the table

· All-inclusive payment options

· Enjoy immediate access to the menu, promotions and games