Kitchen Management

Restaurants et hôtellerie

Manage customer’s orders faster and more efficiently.
Improve process workflows to better serve customers.

Empower your staff to offer superior service, ready to respond promptly to the needs of guests.
Bluebird solution increases the efficiency of distribution, order process and inventory management for the kitchen
? it shows what customers ordered, the time and table the order was taken, etc.
The orders can be printed out to enhance visibility and for special orders. With our kitchen management tool,
you can have real-time progress report on customer’s orders.


Kitchen associates are bustling about in the kitchen preparing for dinner specials. Servers are busy running in and out of the kitchen to shout out orders and using paper orders can risks errors. As orders keep flooding in, it’s easy for associates lose sight of current tasks and may have to deal with a chaotic situation.


To better serve customers, orders need to be managed with speed and efficiency. Using Bluebird solution, your kitchen staff can be deployed to where they are needed most. Instead of delivering orders by paper or verbal communication, use a wireless ordering solution that transmits orders from the table to the kitchen. The result is an elevated customer experience and increased productivity for restaurants.


· Streamline the ordering process by transmitting orders to the kitchen right from the table

· All-inclusive payment options

· Real-time order tracking with visible time and table location