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Customer Self-Service


Help your customers locate products and promote daily deals by stationing Bluebird’s large display tablets in your store.
Let your customers view promotions, search specific items, and perform self-checkouts at their leisure
to create a new standard in convenient shopping.

Invite your customers into your store by introducing new ways to access information.
Customer self-service allows shoppers to interact with the business and perform service tasks at their convenience.
Viewing promotions, checking prices, searching item locations, and performing self-checkouts are all possible with Bluebird’s devices.
These devices also support the swiping, inserting, and tapping of cards to make payments.


Without customer self-service, shoppers require the assistance of a store associate to access information and perform routine tasks.

Customers don’t want to wait all day for an available associate.


With Bluebird’s self-service system, customers can scan, look up prices, and get product information without needing to wait for human assistance.

Increase the exposure level of your store information and services to capitalize on every sales opportunity.


· Access information and perform necessary research without staff assistance

· Enable customers to look up prices, scan and locate products, and learn about promotions