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Success Story


Sharpening competitiveness to
the point of a new leap forward

Armed with the Bluebird EF500 touch mobile computer,
Leroy Merlin has augmented their entire workplace with improved productivity and customer satisfaction.


Groupe ADEO is the parent company of Leroy Merlin and is a global leading company ranking alongside the likes of Walmart Inc. and Castorama Dubois. Their business is home improvement, and they seek to set the global house in order with their alliance of around 30 autonomous companies in a dozen countries, including Asia, Europe, and South America. The subsidiary companies include Leroy Merlin, Bricoman, Aki, Weldom, Zôdio, and Dompro. Leroy Merlin is a home improvement and gardening retailer serving thirteen countries. As one of the major home improvement hypermarket retailers in France, Leroy Merlin provides a wide range of items, from small screws to integrated kitchen systems. So Leroy Merlin always addresses how to organize various kinds of inventory and rapidly respond to customers. They tried to make a breakthrough while facing challenges, such as providing competitive prices, decreasing inventory backlogs, meeting smart customers’ demands, and many more.


Employees of Leroy Merlin have to manage over 30,000 different items every day. With old VoIP communication and text-based visibility, employees weren’t able to get proper data and engage with customers effectively. Moreover, smart consumers prefer rapid and accurate services so they can make quick purchasing decisions. Therefore, Leroy Merlin addressed how to improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction.


Leroy Merlin was especially keen on the need to augment technical equipment to increase competitiveness in all aspects. Leroy Merlin was looking for a trusty troubleshooter, which was not just a device provider but also a supplier of professional guidance, full technical backup, large scale deployment, and enterprise-grade customization with concrete action plans. Bluebird has been enabling Leroy Merlin to facilitate new systems through a more comprehensive technical approach. Above all, the Bluebird EF500 stands out as a competitive touch mobile computer in comparison with models from global competitors. From the outset of the project to the final

deployment, Bluebird effectively provided Leroy Merlin with an industry-specific solution and in-depth close management.


Bluebird presented clear directions about how to achieve what Leroy Merlin wanted, as well as providing them with the latest touch mobile computers, the EF500s. With tailored technical support, Leroy Merlin was able to reduce the initialization period of settling down the whole inventory management system and save on investments, which minimized the TCO. The store staff of Leroy Merlin were armed with powerful tools, the Bluebird EF500s, combined with the latest Android 5.x, which supports vital enterprise applications. As a result, these features enable associates to save a great deal of time, focus on their own jobs, and engage with customers more.


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“Leroy Merlin expressed a high level of satisfaction with the outstanding performance and compact design of the EF500.

We’ve established a partnership with Bluebird for more than 10 years and the company is undoubtedly a trustworthy manufacturer.”

- Laurent Macé, Sales Manager, ADD. Scan (part of Groupe Accès Diffusion)