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In-store Shopping Experience Improved
with Mobile POS

Shinsegae has accomplished mobile POS system
in high-end Omni-channel retail environment for the first time in Korea


Today retailers are undergoing a noticeable transformation. Online shopping has trans- formed customers’ buying patterns and shopping expectations. As one of the major high- end retailers in Korea, Shinsegae department store has kept an eye on one of the recent trends, omni-channel. Shinsegae wanted sales personnel to be armed with powerful tools to engage with the customer actively on the floor. Moreover, they needed to integrate different kinds of POS systems for more efficient workflow and smooth communication among the staff.


Many retailers are adapting to omni-channel, which is a multichannel approach to sales that provides the customer with a seamless shopping experience whether the customer is shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone or in bricks and mortar stores. In order to respond to this trend, retailers need a massive upgrade.

To that end, Shinsegae department store dramatically changed their POS system to a cus- tomer-centered approach. Shinsegae chose Bluebird tablet RT100 to reflect this trend in a full-featured point of sale system that runs on Windows 8.1 Industry Pro and has deployed about 5,000 of them in the first half of 2016.


Shinsegae redefined the concept of the next-generation POS as ‘overcoming barriers and achieving effective communication’ device, not just a payment device. The new POS system with Bluebird tablets RT100 allows store associates to complete their tasks more quickly and communicate with customers efficiently. It’s not just a payment terminal but a vital factor as a gateway for the advanced communication. The new POS system enables managers to foster customer satisfaction and increase sales conversion.

Everyday, about 3,440 employees help customers in 10 high-end Shinsegae department stores in Korea. The store managers of Shinsegae has looked for powerful sales tools to increase conversion rates and coped with mobile era. Until recently, the POS system was made up of 4 different types, making communication difficult and inconsistent; It took too long to apply even trifle changes.


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“Among many difficulties to deploy the Tablet POS for the first time as a major retailer,

Bluebird was the only manufacturer who could meet the design concept, tight schedule

and budget that Shinsegae required, and it made it possible for Shinsegae Department

Store to deploy the Tablet POS successfully. “

Jinwoo Yang, Customer Experience Manager of Shinsegae Department