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Warehouse/Storage Management


Obtain strict control over your inventory, manage your in-store productivity and warehouses,
control loading and unloading from truck deliveries, and get POD in an omni-channel world

Enable workers to access your business data everywhere inside the store and optimize the movement of your inventory,
including the people and material handling equipment that are required to move it. For omni-channel retailers,
we span a robust functional spectrum from inventory visibility and multi-level holds to quality assurance.
Through these, you will be able to increase staff productivity and inventory accuracy, exceeding your customer’s expectations with real-time visibility,
data processing, mobility, and efficient PTT (push to talk) communication. On top of that, customers will remember your business identity anywhere they go on and off the app.
The most flexible distribution operation is possible when fulfilling consumers’ expectations.


What are the most critical factors in store management? Ensuring compliance and measuring performance with regulations. Stores need quality, attendance, and safety
all at the same time while also calculating incentive rewards. Your associates must make sure that all tasks are carried out in the proper sequence while balancing order
priorities and workflows.


Supple, resourceful, and lean store management operations will result in efficient inventory management, improved customer engagement, advanced data processing, faster delivery, and rapid return on your supply chain investment.

Our most comprehensive task optimization technology will help you advance your distribution networks in the omni-channel world and synchronize operations from the retail store shelf back through the extended supply system.

Inventory functions and resource management, such as work order processing, internalization, facility utilization, and task management can be accomplished.


· Enable faster, cost efficient implementations

· Decrease distribution costs and inventory levels

· Increase accuracy, agility and visibility in distribution networks

· Improve labor productivity and customer service