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Real-Time Traceability and Communication

Bluebird gives you access to real-time information about shipments and the fleet’s performance. It enables you to be proactive
and respond faster to customer requests and problems. Mobile technology empowers drivers to share customer information,
process orders and payments with a positive impact on accuracy, delivery time, and cash flow.

Operational Transparency

Optimize fleet usage, reduce fuel cost, and boost workforce productivity.

By moving from a paper-based to a mobile computing system, transportation companies can increase the transparency of their operations with real-time traceability of the fleet, shipments, or passengers.

It allows them to proactively track the driver and vehicle performance, monitor fuel consumption, and schedule maintenance to ensure safe, comfortable, and timely transportation of all passengers or goods.

Enhanced Efficiency

From mobile ticketing to mobile route planning and maintenance scheduling, automation allows businesses to focus on growing their core business.

Bluebird gives the field workforce mobile access to information and business systems that allow them to work smarter, resulting in more business and higher margins.

Higher productivity means lower labor costs, and automation of manual tasks reduces the risk for human errors and keeps track of delivery routes and maintenance schedules.

Exceed Customer Expectations

Wow customers with speed, precision, and personalized service.

Bluebird solutions can be used for mobile ticket purchasing, activation, and validation and provides detailed trip information at the employees’ and customers’ fingertips.

The use of handheld devices makes it possible to track shipments in real time, and customers can proactively be informed of any deviations from the plan so they can make adjustments. Bluebird helps your business stay ahead of the game.