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Integration Travel Information


Give your passengers the most convenient travel experience by giving them the most efficient route and additional services.

Eliminate paper based data management with integrated, mobile Bluebird solution.
Organizations gain visibility and customers can personalize their travel experience.
Help your passengers track their destination and get the most efficient route.
Our solutions provide accurate and timely information, showing them exactly where they need to go.
Look up hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and more. Save additional time and costs and stay productive on the road.


When customers are going on a trip to somewhere new, a travel agency needs to provide every last detail, from booking hotel reservations to checking in for flights and staying updated with travel alerts.

It is difficult to avoid delays when you lack the latest information and travelers will want to stay organized, connected and informed while on the move.


The Bluebird solution makes it easy. Offer a wide range of options for global travelers and agencies catering to transportation methods.

Our easy-to-use tablet puts you in control of your customers’ travel with premium features, problem-solving tools and vital services you need. Real-time, secure information is always at your fingertips with our mobile solution. Gain easy access to latest information and ensure customer-specific implementations.


· Personalized travel experience with accurate and timely information

· Flexible accessories for use in vehicles

· Route optimizing navigation system

· Fully optimized network capabilities for industrial demands

· Deliberately designed with sleek and lightweight quality